UPDATE: Baby Girl

**I went in this morning for my appointment at the hospital for the "external cephalic version" procedure...to see if the doctor could turn her around to head-down. When I arrived, the nurse did an ultrasound before hooking me up to the IV meds. Ultrasound showed that the baby had moved HEAD DOWN ON HER OWN! I think she might have turned around last night, but I can't be certain...we definitely went to the hospital prepared for going through with the procedure. Maybe a little thing, but something God definitely used to show me He is more than capable...He is in control...and He knows what He's doing. I say that full well knowing that still anything can happen and we aren't guaranteed a nice, easy, pain-free life with no interruptions or disappointments. He's still in control, though, and its a good thing.

We found out on Friday that baby girl is breech. A little kink in the plans! God never ceases to amaze and teach me so much through being pregnant. Faith, control issues, expectations, communication, fears... its really an amazing process. Just when you think you have a little bit of control...He shows us that really its all about Him anyway. So here I am... waiting and seeing what He is going to do and how He is going to bring this little girl into the world.

As parents, do we ever stop worrying about our kids? It starts as soon as that pregnancy test reads "+"... the temptation to worry over every little thing and try to control every little thing we can. Here's one of my obsessive, controlling thoughts about this breech situation..."would she still be breech if I had taken my prenatal vitamin every day?" Ha! Seriously, Virginia, chill out. Every day is an opportunity to give them back to the ONE who made them. Really such a learning process for us as moms and dads (I know my own Mom and Dad are smiling and nodding...).

As I write this, we are attempting a nap for Liam. He was sleepy this morning, so I gave him a morning nap (9:30 - 11:30). Well, so now he's in bed for nap attempt #2...and he's doing the screaming thing. Not crying...just exercising his vocal cords. Will he sleep? We shall see. This entry into toddlerhood has been very interesting to say the least. I love him so much...his kisses, hugs, smiles, reaches, laughs, cuddles, attempts at communication, facial expressions...all melt my heart every day! Makes the challenging times worth it for sure.

I go in to the hospital tomorrow for the doctor to attempt to turn Baby Girl around to head-down. I feel ok about it all and want the best chance to avoid a c-section as possible. I know if that's what happens, then that's what happens...most important thing is for her health and safety. One day at a time.

BTW, you still have time to guess her name!!! Comment on THIS post.


Erin 4/10/10 6:58 PM  

Wow V, I hope it all goes well at the doctors tomorrow. I am sure it will. As for a name, I am going to guess Catherine.

The Craft Family 10/10/10 10:55 PM  

Wow, Virginia, praise the Lord!! I am SO happy that HE chose to turn her around for you! I will keep praying that things go well as you deliver your sweet girl. BTW, I'm TOTALLY with you on the mom-controlling thing...amazing the lessons God teaches us about ourselves through our kids. It's hard to let go of stuff!!

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