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I said I was going to be better at blogging, didn't I? I like blogging...and there are definitely enough things to write about. So, here you go, a new update on life in Colorado with the Stegers, complete a few pictures. Pics are in random order, sorry.

The weather is starting to cool off here, which is really nice. We decided to take a break from looking for a new church, and drove to Estes Park on Sunday morning. What a beautiful drive! It was basically our first time to get out and do some exploring. I don't really count our drive up to Horsetooth Reservoir since its only about 10 minutes from our house, although that's a pretty place to visit too with tons of hiking/biking opportunities. Anyway, back to Estes, I had never been there before. On our way there, we saw some mountain goats along the Big Thompson Canyon. Once we got to town, we drove around a little, walked around in the visitor's center, and ate lunch at this delicious deli called DeLeo's (featured on Food Network "The Best Of"...and did not disappoint). Then we went driving some more and bought our annual "America The Beautiful - National Parks Pass," venturing in to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I've got a feeling we'll be getting some good use out of that annual pass this year. We didn't see any elk this time around, but we'll be going back so hopefully we'll get to see them next time.

Last Friday, Liam and I went to The Farm at Lee Martinez Park here in Fort Collins. Liam LOVED running around and looking at all of the animals. Fort Collins has so many fun things to do, and so many things that are geared (or at least appropriate) for his age. With me working full time from home, we just don't have the flexibility to do something like this everyday (plus that just seems like a lot to me), but my goal is to get him out at least a couple times a week to do something fun...story time at the library, play time at one of the local gyms, morning at the park, etc.

Here's a pic (sorry for the blurriness) of Liam in his new little chair from Pottery Barn Kids. We've been saving his birthday money for this gift and were waiting until we were somewhere a little more settled before getting it. It came in last week and he loves it! He's watching Toy Story in the pic above, definitely a favorite movie.

And here's our little cutie pie on really the first cool evening we've had. The high temps have been in the low 90s, but they seem to only stay there for about an hour or so before dropping back down to the 60s. Doesn't he look cute in his hoodie? The dirt in the pic is a whole other story. Our "yard" has been completely ripped up...sod, landscaping and everything. We're renting a townhouse, its an end-unit and has a nice little section of grass in front and back (which thankfully we don't have to do any maintenance on since we're renting). Now everything is gone, and we're hoping that most of the work is done in the next few weeks.

THANKS for all the fun votes on the post below! You still have time to get a vote in (either on the post below or through Facebook)...though I can tell that she'll be here soon. Can't wait!


Anonymous,  21/9/10 9:46 PM  

I happened upon your blog because of the Estes Park post. Welcome to Fort Collins. We have lived here over 20 years and love it! I work for Faith Evangelical Free Church and would love to invite you to visit if you have not yet visited. Please feel free to email me. Pam

Rachel 22/9/10 9:53 AM  

I'm jealous and I want to live near you. Not just for the scenery but also so I can be near the little kiddo in that picture! (and his parents, too of course)

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