Starting to settle

Yes this is literally our view from our bedroom window. We live here? The mountain is Long's Peak, one of the 14k peaks in Colorado. Our friend Jacob hiked it with his brother Mark on Tuesday and I was sad that we left before getting to hear about their trip. It will be fun (and quite a goal!) to hike this someday.

We (and when I say "we," I mean Andrew and a couple of his wonderful coworkers...definitely not "me") finished unloading the PODS about 2 hours ago. Liam is in bed (thanks to Andrew putting the crib together-he's amazing), and I'm trying to catch up on some of the work I missed today since I was not around a wifi network that worked most of the day. I felt so disconnected! No internet, and no phone (that's another story). It was a good day, though. I did some cleaning at the new place and played with Liam, and did some project work for my job (Wycliffe is awesome, btw).

We've found an amazing cupcake place here in Fort Collins. We're going to have to ration ourselves! They're so darn good! Butter Cream Cupcakery. Yesterday their "surprise flavor" was Fresh Peach Crisp. Yummmmm. Come visit us? ;)

My plans for the next few days are 1.) rest, 2.) work, 3.) try to get a good chunk of unpacking done, and 4.) rest. I'm feeling the third-trimester strong the past few days. Don't think I'm over-doing it...just can tell that the end is near. I have a doc appointment on Monday, so that will be good. Trying to drink lots of water. Braxton Hicks have been pretty strong, not painful, just strong. Energy level = very low. Baby kicking lots! Can't wait to meet her!

Trying to keep you updated a little more, can you tell? Not sure why comments aren't working. You can comment on the facebook post but not here on blogger. Weird.

See ya later.


Laura 13/8/10 8:04 PM  

So fun that you are in Colorado now! I'm jealous of the great weather! Will pray that you will get plenty of rest as you try to get settled.

Kirsten 25/8/10 8:58 PM  

Hope you're settling in well (this is the crazy lady who showed up at your door with food a few weeks back - in case you were wondering).

I'd love to connect with you sometime. If you're in need of any girl time or a play date, let me know... kirsten@familyofblacks.com

Kirsten Black

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