No pics today, but just thought I'd write a little list:

- One major highlight of my week was meeting Piper and Lily Mutz...they are so precious and their Mom and Dad are pretty awesome too. We are so incredibly thankful for their hospitality this week. Looking forward to spending lots of time with the Mutz fam here in Colorado.

- We picked up our Corolla today, which was shipped from Florida to Colorado using D.A.S. I highly recommend their services if you need to have a car shipped! They were great to work with.

- Colorado is beautiful.

- I'm missing my family and definitely still actively grieving the loss my grandfather a few weeks ago.

- Andrew found a very yummy cupcake place in Fort Collins. Butter Cream Cupcakery. We'll take you there when you come visit. :)

- I still haven't been to the city we're moving to, and haven't seen the condo that we're renting. I am so so thankful that Andrew just took care of all of that. I've seen pics and I know its going to be a cute place to bring our baby girl home to. Hopefully we'll be able to move in middle-of-next-week...by the weekend. And we'll probably drive up to Fort Collins today after Liam's nap.

- I am really enjoying working remotely. All the perks of still being connected and involved in a job that I love with people that I love, from the comfort of my living room. Well... not my living room yet, but I'll have one soon.

- We have some amazing friends in Orlando that I miss so much.

- I'm drinking a lot of water.

I think that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon. I haven't been taking many, but I'll change that once I find the camera.

Bye for now,


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