Goal Planning

Here I am again, thinking about goals for the coming year. I've decided to start pretty broad this year, with goals focusing on these things: reading more, running, sewing, and saving $$.

I'll save the details for another post (or an in-person conversation if you are interested).

Other news: We're still in Arkansas for our extended Christmas trip. Our time here has been great. We're doing a lot of thinking and praying about the next right step for us. We're also doing a lot of trusting that HE is in control (easier said than done!). We've spent time in Fayetteville, both families houses in Little Rock, both families churches in Little Rock, spent a day in El Dorado visiting extended family, worked some, played lots, bundled up in our warm clothes, saw snow and lots of rain, went to the movies, laughed, played, kissed the baby, shopped, and ate LOTS of food. And we're not done yet! This week will be full of visiting friends, work (for me), and we might even get another ChickFilA visit in. :)

Happy last-week-of-2009. Make it memorable.



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