Happy Thanksgiving

This was Liam at 7.5 months, drool and all. He's now 8.5 months, and we'll be celebrating his first Thanksgiving with Andrew's family. Definitely looking forward to seeing everyone! Though, we'll see about the 10 hour car ride. Pray for us!

This year, a few things I'm thankful for...

  • 5.5 years of marriage to my sweetheart. As the days pass by with life's stresses and the world's pressures, I'm so thankful to be on this journey with my best friend.
  • A healthy, happy baby. I know I'll blink and he'll be in college, so I'm just soaking up every possible second that I get to kiss that sweet face. I don't want to wish away any of these crazy baby days. I love reading stories, splashing at bathtime, tickling and giggling with him, slobbery kisses, head on my shoulder, his excitement when I get home from work, playing peek-a-boo, etc, etc, etc.
  • A great job doing what I truly enjoy.
  • Mercies that are new every morning. He gives us grace for today, and for that I'm so thankful. Sometimes I feel like its minute by minute, but His saving grace is working today, not just as "life insurance."
  • Family... I'm so thankful for my family and hate being so far away from them. I know the miles make me even more grateful for them. I love talking to my mom on the phone and catching up with her.
  • Friends past and present. We have some truly wonderful friends. I'm so thankful for you.
  • Coffee, Coca Cola, and dark chocolate.
  • Laughter.

What are you thankful for today?


Lauren 24/11/09 10:34 AM  

you about covered my list, Virginia. =) I have to replace coca cola with diet coke, but our lists are eerily similar.

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