Hello Blog. Yes, I know you're still here, and nagging at me to keep updating with pics and stories of my precious little boy. We have some cute ones, you know...of Liam at the Pumpkin Patch, Disney world for Andrew's birthday, etc, etc. Its just that, well, every time I think to blog about those things, all the pics are on the other computer. So, you'll just have to wait. I'm really sorry about that.

As for a quick rundown of what's happening with us? Here's a list:

  • Liam is now 8 months old! Two teeth, pulling up on everything, first runny nose (though might just be changing of seasons - see next point), and just as sweet and cute as ever. I know, I'm biased. I also just have to say that I really love being a Mom.

  • The weather has FINALLY turned cooler! Yes, Its November 13th, and all [4?] of our readers have been experiencing actual Fall weather and wishing for Florida sunshine and warmth...but as nice as the warm weather is, we're REALLY happy about a change of pace. Time to get out the fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa, and think about Christmas decorations!

  • Though situations in life are frustrating and stressful, we're constantly reminded of how GOOD God is to us. His mercies really are new every morning, Great is His faithfulness. A friend reminded me of the Caedmon's Call song that says that "the valleys fill first"...Lord, that's reason enough for me to be content with where you have me. I want to experience YOU!

Have a great day!



Mandy 13/11/09 9:27 PM  

got the fun thanksgiving card w/ Liam--i agree-he is the cutest!
little boys are SO fun. love that we have lil' men together.
miss you guys-

The Craft Family 22/11/09 9:59 PM  

Hey Virginia! Can't wait for new blog pics...but don't rush - I know how that stuff goes!! Liam is such a cute little guy!

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