7 months

Liam was 7 months last Wednesday (10/07/09).

Here are some things he's up to now that he's 7 months old:

  • Measured/weighed at his 6 month appt (really it was closer to 7 months) - 16 lbs, 26 inches (50% height and weight). Perfect!
  • So mobile! Army-crawls anywhere and everywhere. He has started to venture out of our little "square" in the living room, and around the furniture. He loves crawling under things like the swing and the dining table.
  • He's a great eater and hasn't really rejected anything we've given him. He wasn't a huge fan of puffs, but I think it has more to do with the fact that he doesn't have teeth yet, and he's not quite sure about the texture yet.
  • Takes two naps a day, and sleeps well at night. Sometimes he has a tough time getting to sleep at night (fusses for 30 minutes or so), but once he falls asleep the rest of the night usually goes great. Last night he slept 9.5 hrs in a row!
  • Such a happy, sweet temperment. Always big, bright smiles when we go get him out of his bed in the mornings. His little laugh is awesome. I know its not a song about a baby, but I've had Tim McGraw's song "Just To See You Smile" in my head. Yeah, I'd pretty much do anything to see that precious smile and hear his laugh.
  • We've had LOTS of drool since around 3 mos, bad diaper rash around 6 months, and some cranky-ness we thought was teething, but still no teeth. They'll break through soon I bet!
  • Close to sitting on his own, but really more interested in exploring than sitting still.
  • First overnighter last Friday night! He stayed with our good friend Dustin while Andrew and I went to Tampa to see U2. Liam (and Mommy) did great!
  • Loves the Elmo's Song youtube video. LOVES it.

Little Pumpkin, you are such a blessing to us right now. We are enjoying every stage, every day.

God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good, He's so good to me.

Any suggestions or favorite things to occupy your 7 - 9 month old? :)


Linds 14/10/09 2:06 PM  

He's precious! We have a hard time filling the day too, so I'll be interested to hear of activities you find :)

Brett 14/10/09 4:50 PM  

What did you do with Liam?!? 'Cause the kid in that picture is WAAAAYYY bigger than I remember! He's growing up, folks...

Lauren 15/10/09 8:36 AM  

That is such a fun age...I know you are cherishing every second! (And make videos, even if they are the not-so-good quality kind from your regular camera...you will want to go back and see how sweet he was when he's driving you crazy at age 6. Oops, sorry, maybe that's just mine!)

Rebekah 10/11/09 3:43 PM  

He is so so cute! He always looks so happy! I wish I had some advice on occupying the baby! We struggle with that, too! She gets so bored with her toys and activities at home we have to get out and do some different every couple of days!

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