6 months

**Not sure where the pictures went. :(
Who could resist this sweet face? He's so much fun!
Our little precious is 6 months old. He is just soaking everything up right now (and it all seems to come back out as massive amounts of drool, but that's 'cause he's teething...). Wednesday he was perfectly content rolling around for the things he wanted to get to. By Thursday, he's now pushing up and working on crawling. He'll be there before we even know it!

He's modeling a hat that my Aunt made for him. Isn't it so cute on him? We're pretending that its cold enough for it, because its definitely not. We're also celebrating the start of football season (GO HOGS!), but it also doesn't feel quite like fall.

In the middle of life's stresses, this kid is our pride and joy.


Elise 8/9/09 10:59 PM  

Wow! He is so cute and has such personality!

Harris Family 9/9/09 10:52 AM  

He is so so cute! I love his little hat! Aren't they such a fun age?!?!

Harris Family 9/9/09 3:43 PM  

What a fun little boy! Your pictures are so cute!

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