Pray for Kate

This sweet little girl needs our prayers. I saw that Kelly at kellyskorner.com posted about her last week, then while Julia was in town I found out that she is the neice of Julia's Thailand roommate, Stephanie Bouck. Follow her story and learn more about her condition here.
I have moments throughout the day when I am reminded to pray for Kate and her family. There have been several other families around me lately that are dealing with tough illnesses or loss. Every time I hear about one of these situations, I am stunned. There is so much pain in this temporary home we call earth, it makes me long for heaven. I just scoop Liam up and kiss him, so thankful for each day with my family. Above all, these situations tell me to hope in the One who is our Life-giver, the One who loves us so very much, and the One who will ultimately dry all of our tears. I'm praying today that He holds Kate close to His heart today and whispers to her how much He loves her.


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