Liam's life these days

Sweet face. This little guy is the love of our lives right now. It was so fun to take him to Arkansas and show him off to our family and so many dear friends. Even with our hectic schedule, he handled everything really well. Here he is, very sleepy, but content. Motherhood has stretched my emotional capacity on both ends. I find myself feeling some pretty strong emotions, times of stress, fatigue, loneliness...but also more joy, love, and hope. Its an enigma, definitely. Especially for me, who's not always in tune to what I'm feeling at the moment. Today I've been a little overwhelmed (for lots of reasons), but then I look at this sweet picture, or see him sleeping soundly in his bed, and all is right with the world.

Here are some more recent pictures as promised:

A great smile! We're o-so-close to getting a giggle out of him. I can't wait!

This was taken on our anniversary weekend (5 years!). We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it happened to be Star Wars Weekend (and a VERY rainy day).

This was also taken at Disney...our little Beach Bum! We didn't get him in the water, but couldn't resist putting his suit on for a photo op.

And Sunday the 7th meant that Liam is now 3 months old! He loves to stand on our laps, he is grasping for things, rolling over from tummy to back, attached to the paci, cooing and "talking" to us, full of smiles, and a generally happy baby. We are so blessed!


kath,  11/6/09 8:48 AM  

wait! the pic of him in his swimsuit...is that a little roll i see?!? :)

khunton 11/6/09 4:39 PM  

He is just so precious! Love him! xoxo

Mandy 11/6/09 7:40 PM  

What a stallion of a man! Jordan

BetnyNonnie 15/6/09 10:20 AM  

He is precious! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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