4 Months

Our little pumpkin is 4 months old today! I find him rolled-over in his crib a lot. He lays in bed after he wakes up and just talks to himself, in the morning and after naps. We're still not quite sleeping through the night, but he's now eating every 3-4 hrs instead of every 2, and he's napping well. He lights up around people, and always gives his Mommy & Daddy the biggest smiles. He loves bathtime, swimming, playing in his bumbo, watching Daddy cook, grabbing at anything and everything, and playing with the red ball in the pic below.

At his last Doctors appointment he weighed 15 lbs and was 24 1/2 inches long, so he's doubled his birth weight and is right on track. Aunt Julia came to visit us over the weekend and we had so much fun with her! He loved spending time with her and drooling on her shoulder and pulling her hair. :) We're looking forward to more family time next week with the Stegers in South Carolina.

Liam, we love you more than we even thought possible! You bring such joy into our lives. I love those cute little toes.


Mandy 8/7/09 8:46 AM  

glad you're getting more sleep :) Liam is precious!

The Keylors 8/7/09 11:26 AM  

He's so cute! I love the bumbo. It's so fun to see their little faces just sitting up and looking at you. I am so excited for my little one to arrive!


Lauren 9/7/09 8:19 AM  

Love the new pics! He is getting so big so fast!

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