Mac Baby

Liam is definitely a 21st century child, and is developing his Daddy's love for the Mac. This is a picture of him video chatting with my parents last week. We love video chatting with our families! It definitely helps us feel more connected to our families since we're long-distance now (though hopefully not forever!).

We need to do a little photo shoot of him soon. He's definitely getting bigger, I think he's already out-grown a few outfits. He's still a little guy, but maybe he'll be in 0-3 month clothes soon. He needs to stay in newborns for at least one more week so he fits in his cute Easter outfit. Don't worry, you'll get pics, I promise!

So far, this Monday is going well. As far as my "goals" from last week, here are my thoughts. It was good for me to jot some things down because it gave me something to work towards and I can definitely see some improvement over where we were last week. I need to lighten up on myself a lot, he's still a newborn needing lots of love and attention (which I LOVE giving). He'll get on a good routine soon, we just need to be consistent.

Though there are definitely rough days, he is starting to nap a little more consistently, and in his own bed. I'm getting a little more sleep, or maybe just learning to function on a little less sleep. :) Most importantly, I just need to be more flexible and learn to lower the expectations of myself. Its a lifelong lesson!

One more thing, looks like we get to come to Arkansas in early May! Although the trip will be incredibly busy, we're so excited to bring Liam to meet friends and family.

Ok, gotta go get a shower while he is sleeping.


BetnyNonnie 9/4/09 6:40 PM  

I commend you for cutting yourself some slack. The routines will fall into place more naturally than you realize. When they are so little, their normal behavior changes so frequently as they grown and change. So just when you think you have a schedule and routine... they change what they need! Hang in there! You are doing a fantastic job, I am sure! Love you all!

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