Goals for this sleepy mom

We're starting week four, and here are a few things I've learned about myself. I'm not a morning person, and I'm definitely not a morning person when I haven't slept well at night. I (like my newborn will eventually) like routine and schedule. Me getting sleep, even if its just a little nap during the day, helps me increase my margin of patience with Liam and with Andrew. Also, I need adult conversation and personal time to pray and read. I need to make these times a priority for myeslf, or else I'm cranky and lonely.

I also am learning a lot about mommy-hood... I love my baby boy! He is really a joy, even though we don't quite have each other figured out yet. I have a few goals for me and Liam this week, nothing big and overwhelming, just things I think will help us stay on a good track. Here are a few:

-Spending more time learning more about him. This includes mostly his sleepy times and beginning setting up a nighttime and naptime routine.
-Consistently establishing a schedule of him napping in his own bed.
-Me getting more sleep during the day (gotta "sleep when he sleeps").
-Going for walks outside more.

And a few things on my GTD list:
-Sleep. :)
-Make cloth diaper purchase (I'll publish what I end up going with when I make the order).
-"Maintenance" house cleaning...ongoing laundry, clean bathrooms, etc.
-Call about ordering a new rocking chair...we really need a rocking chair.
-Go to the bank, work on the budget.


Heidi 30/3/09 2:05 PM  

You sound a lot like me - making goals and striving for routine! ;)

if you get a chance to hit a bookstore for recreation check out these titles if you have not already:

* Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child -
* 90 minute sleep solution

the combination of these two really helped get our little eli on the right track - routine-wise

I totally hear ya on the rocking chair! I spent SO much time in it early on since eli was such a fussy newborn. We got ours at a local furniture store - it is SO deliciously cofortable! It actually looks like a leather club chair - but it's a glider. Needless to say, David can't wait till it's time in the nursery is done and he can adopt it for the living room/den someday! ;)

Virginia 30/3/09 5:33 PM  

I am loving "Healthy Sleep Habits" and will have to check out the 90 minute Sleep Solution. We're hanging in there, just working on implementation. :) Heidi, thanks SO MUCH for all your encouragement. It means so much!!


Katie 31/3/09 9:53 PM  

Sounds like great goals to me. Go easy on yourself!

Life is so much easier when you've slept. ; )

Wendi Cupp 1/4/09 1:17 PM  

I agree...Healthy Sleep Habits is a great book. I wish I had read it BEFORE Cole got here and not months and months later when he wouldn't sleep through the night. So, I'm praying that Liam is a sleeper. And praying that you're able to rest/sleep as much as you can. :) Hope you're enjoying your family time together...hugs to you!

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