3 Weeks

Liam is three weeks old today, and he's growing and changing so much. His little cheeks are getting fuller, he has more awake times where he is so alert, he's sleeping well at night, and eating like a champ.This was our first week just the three of us, and Andrew was back at work (even though its still part-time), so for three days this week it was just me and Liam. We're doing pretty good, even though I'm definitely feeling very overwhelmed a lot about the big job ahead of me...being a good wife and mom.

He's a pretty sweet little guy! I'm excited to see his personality come out more and more. Here we are snapping random pics. We don't have many of all three of us.

And last night we gave him a "real" bath instead of just a sponge bath. He did so great! He really hasn't screamed through any bath except the first one. I know bath time will be lots of fun when he's able to splash and play.

What a joy he is to us, definitely the highlight of life right now. Thank you Jesus for such a sweet gift.


Mandy 28/3/09 8:37 PM  

go Liam...i can see his lil' fat rolls :) glad you're doing so well Virginia! i can't wait to meet him!!

BetnyNonnie 28/3/09 9:56 PM  

Glad to see some more pictures! Don't worry. Virginia, you well be great, a great mother and you will remain a great wife. Some days are harder than others, just remember we all make mistakes and have rough days. Praying for you all! Liam is so precious! Such a little cutie pie!

Jeannie,  1/4/09 11:43 AM  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 3 photos!!!
So Cute!!! :-)
Jeannie "Gigi"

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