Liam is growing and changing so much. He's almost 6 weeks old. Some fun things are that he has more awake times where he's alert and smiling. Mostly in the mornings around 7:30 or 8ish. He's smiling a lot more. We've gone to church a few times, and he usually does well. Of course, it was Easter where he screamed during the service and Andrew ended up sitting with him in the lobby during the sermon.

He loves when people talk to him, he loves looking at lights and the Brooklyn Bridge picture over our couch. He calms down when I sing to him or read to him. I've been amused at the songs that have popped in my head. Mostly songs that I learned a long time ago...hymns, old choruses, songs we sang in youth choir, etc. Makes me realize how much those songs were embedded in my brain at a young age. Probably a lot like scripture memory too. Its encouraging me to begin now teaching him those important things!

Here are some pics we took on Easter:

Our little wide-eyed boy!

He's making a funny face, but alas, it will live on forever. He was screaming in all of the other ones! He (we) got lots of chocolate for Easter!

And here's our little family at Baldwin Park. We are so blessed!


Rachel 16/4/09 2:04 PM  

Oh my goodness. that first picture is AMAZING.

Katie 16/4/09 4:50 PM  

He is such a cutie!

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