First Smiles

The pictures are blurry, but still cute! Our little six-week-old is smiling! We count last Saturday, April 11, as his "first smile," at five weeks. He was full of grins when we had this photo shoot last week. I know I will forever be saying this, but my goodness time is flying by so fast.


Elise 20/4/09 8:26 PM  

Liam made me smile when I looked at his pic. Thanks for sharing your joy with all of us!

mark 22/4/09 11:37 AM  

perfect. just perfect.

BetnyNonnie 24/4/09 8:34 PM  

He is perfect. I love his smile. He looks so alert and I would just love to kiss his little cheek! He is a doll! So glad you guys are enjoying him so much!

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