Dear Stegers

Hi Papa, Gigi, and Aunt Lizzy,

Thanks for coming to see me last week! Mom and Dad really had fun hanging out, going to dinner, eating pot roast (they said it was yummy!), and LOVED getting to see you guys love on me. I have the best family in the world!

I loved cuddling with Aunt Lizzy. I hope we get to hang out a lot more soon. Thanks for the teddy!

Papa was so sweet to me too, he talked to me a lot and helped me make lots of brain wrinkles.

And Gigi, I loved taking naps in your arms! And I love the sweet blankie you gave me.

I'm one blessed baby to have such great family, the Stegers and the Catos. I know I'm going to grow up being loved and cared for. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for you.



Jeannie,  23/3/09 11:17 AM  

Dear Sweet Liam,
We miss you so much. (We miss your Mommy and Daddy too.) I just keep looking at your pictures and smiling! You are so very precious and we love you very much.
Can't wait to see you again.

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