5 Days

Today was Liam's due date, and he's been here for 5 days already. I've been just thinking about all of the things I want to write about. This could be a really long post, but I just don't think I have the energy to unload everything in words right now. My heart is so full, this has been the most incredible week of my life. God is so good. Being a parent is so fun. Recovering from giving birth is not as hard for me as I was expecting it to be, in some respects, but much more difficult in others. I love this little boy and my husband more than I ever, ever thought I would. And, I'm so unbelievably humbled by who God is and how amazingly He has blessed us with this little life. In spite of myself, He gave us the most precious gift. I love being a Mom, I just can't stop kissing his little face.

Here is my heart in a little person:

I have so many thoughts (and overwhelming emotions because of hormones!) about labor and delivery, his name, our first few days in the hospital, breast feeding, being a mom, watching Andrew be a Daddy, turning our parents into Grandparents, and our sisters into Aunts (Scott is already an Uncle, but is nonetheless important!), and about 100 other things.

But, I have to go provide nourishment for my son. I promise I'll be back soon.

Thanks for caring for us!


Heidi 13/3/09 1:35 PM  

love this post -
he's sweet as sweet can be! - Really, a beautiful baby (coming from someone who thinks her own kids are pretty darn cute)!

Katie 13/3/09 2:00 PM  

He is so cute. I am so excited for you both. I know exactly what you mean. Its like God pulled out your heart and put it in the form of another human being. It is truly an honor to be a mom and I know you will be an amazing one!


Christy 13/3/09 4:09 PM  

Beautiful post! I love you and am so happy for you Virg! (and drewski)

Mandy 14/3/09 9:56 PM  

enjoy these precious days! i know you are..Liam is so sweet

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