Liam is here!!

We are excited to announce to the world that William Cato Steger was born this morning at 6:15 am. We are calling him Liam. He weighs 7 pounds 4 ounces. He and mommy are doing fantastic. Virginia was amazing. She wants to write out the story later. so my job right now is pic poster. I think he's the most perfect little baby boy ever. but i am a little partial. :-)
We chose the name because Virginia's dad, grandpa, and great grandpa are all named William. William means Resolute Protector, and Liam is Hebrew for "I have a people" Here he is:


Allison Nelson 7/3/09 10:11 AM  

Congrats! Let the adventure begin!

Chris and Carrie 7/3/09 10:16 AM  

WOO HOO! V-you look great! I wish we were there to welcome William. We miss you all and love you bunches!


Linds 7/3/09 10:25 AM  

awww... he's SO cute! I love his little wrists :) You look great Virginia! Congratulations!

Brett 7/3/09 10:36 AM  

What a handsome young lad!

Kristin's Chronicles 7/3/09 11:10 AM  

Congratulations guys!!! He is adorable and Virginia, you look so great holding your baby boy!! :) Much love from AR!

Harris Family 7/3/09 11:19 AM  

He is so sweet! Congrats! I can't wait to hear all about it! So glad you both are doing well! His little hands and cheeks are just so precious!

cindy lou-who 7/3/09 12:50 PM  

LOVE the name guys! It is perfect. He is destined for coolness. Cant wait to hear the whole story!!

sillysmiths 7/3/09 1:03 PM  

I LOVE the name and how special it is to your family! He is amazing!!! Congrats and enjoy this wonderful ride!

orangejack 7/3/09 1:24 PM  

congrats! great news!

Cherry 7/3/09 1:28 PM  
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Stephen Hunton 7/3/09 1:29 PM  

he looks amazing! Congrats!

mark,  7/3/09 4:14 PM  


what great news, and what a great name! can't wait to meet him!

The Keylors 7/3/09 7:53 PM  

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are so excited for you! Thank you for posting pictures. Keep us posted as to how things are going. We love you and will be praying for lots of rest and an easy transition.

Love you- Ashley & Dasun

Amanda 7/3/09 8:13 PM  

He is so precious! LOVE the name! I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to meet him!

Katie 7/3/09 8:28 PM  

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you guys. Liam is precious, and I am so thankful you and he are doing well! I will definitely be thinking about and praying for your new little family.

Lauren 8/3/09 9:15 AM  

Congratulations! He is precious. I'm so excited for you as you begin this journey called parenthood... there is nothing else like it!

Mama SeWELL 8/3/09 7:15 PM  

I found you going while blog hopping, and I wanted to say congrats! He is a cutie, I like his lil nose. I wondered how you came up with the name Cato? My hubby wanted to name our son that after the green hornet (bruce lee). If our next child is a boy thats what his name will be, except with a K. You have a precious baby boy! Congrats again!

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