Bye bye Catos!

Dear Pop and Mama Cato, and Aunt Julia,

I had so much fun with you this week! Thank you for coming to take care of me and my mommy and daddy. You made some yummy food and helped us out so much, and I just had so much fun bonding with you and getting lots and lots of kisses. I hope you got enough pictures. Mommy and Daddy are still taking lots and I know they will send you some more.

Here is one of all of us together:
And, I wanted one with just you three too. Man, I'm sad Aunt Whitney couldn't be here at the same time, but I know I'll have fun with her when she gets here next week.

I'm having a good day today, resting while Mommy and Daddy get ready for Papa Steger, Gigi, and Aunt Lizzy to get here. I'm so excited all my family is coming to visit!

I'm sad you had to go back to Arkansas today! I love you. See you soon (on video chat? That would be cool!).



Hillary 14/3/09 3:17 PM  

Virginia....he is soooo cute!! Congrats!! You're going to be a great mom! Enjoy every second of it!

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