A few weeks ago, a few weeks to go.

A few weeks ago Virginia and I had the opportunity to stay at Disney's Yacht Club for the weekend, a last little trip before the baby comes. It was so much fun just to get away and relax. We were able to swim, watch Disney cartoons, read, sleep, eat at fun places, etc.

I've so loved being married to VA these past almost 5 years. We've made some amazing memories just the two of us. She is my sweetie and my best friend and I often get overwhelmed by how blessed I am to be the guy that ended up with her. I'm really looking forward to the expansion of our family from 2 to 3. I look forward to family vacations, and camping trips, cooking as a fam, and reading together. I know we'll be good as 3 because we are good as 2 (because of Him). I'm excited about our marriage setting an example for our son (and future kids). It's crazy how fast these 9 months have gone by (and I hear the next 18+ years go by even faster).

So here's to the the next few weeks to just the 2 of us and to whatever life brings after that.


Rachel 22/2/09 9:54 PM  

what a great couple you two are. can't wait to meet the new addition!

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