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I finally got around to posting our Thanksgiving pics on Facebook, but there are a few I wanted to put on the blog. We had such a great time visiting Whitney with my mom and dad and Julia. We went to see Whit dance in the New Orleans Ballet production of The Nutcracker. She was incredible, the star of the show. The Nutcracker is always a great experience for our fam since Whitney has been dancing in it since she was 3 or so. We had a wonderful weekend with them.

I had to post these pics, is this the cutest thing or what? Baby Steger is going to be a cute little Razorback in this outfit, I can't wait to put him in it. His Aunt Julia brought it for us... Thanks Aunt Julia!

Mom knitted these precious booties. She made them with yarn she bought about 10 years ago. She's been waiting for the perfect project for the yarn, and started making them as soon as we told her "its a boy!" I can't wait to bring him home from the hospital in these precious things!

And...here's me being a good girl and drinking my water. This is 26 weeks, time is flying by and we have SO much to do. The next major "to do" will be me organizing all of the hodge podge of boxes that are in the baby room now. 



Wendi Cupp 7/12/08 8:09 PM  

You look radiant...I love the booties! So cute...can'y wait to see him in them!

Mandy 7/12/08 10:54 PM  

cute little baby bump! will you be in AR soon??

khunton 10/12/08 8:51 PM  

Cute baby bump! Is that an Old Navy top? I have the exact one and one in pick! Great minds, my love!

Candy Johnson 11/12/08 3:55 PM  

OMG-You are gorgeous! You are glowing, and I'm so proud of you for drinking the water. It always made me gag :) Hope you two (three) have a Merry Christmas!!!

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