Wednesday night randomness

I had my glucose blood test today. The lab tech gave me the orange stuff, and I downed it as fast as I could...it tasted like very very very sweet syrupy orange soda. :) I feel fine, and yawned for most of the hour that I had to wait between drinking the stuff and getting my blood drawn. I've been worried about this test because I've noticed that sugar has done weird things to me lately, but I just guess all of that is normal.

I meet with a group of people in my office on a weekly basis...we all do similar jobs, and work in the database, and work together to establish consistent business practices. They surprised me yesterday with a baby shower. I was completely shocked! And, still pretty much speechless that they would do that for me! My friend Christine took some pictures, so maybe I can put some on here eventually. I am so blessed, and this little one is so blessed.

We're almost done with our Christmas shopping. I only have 3 more gifts (I think) left to buy...and I'm really not sure what those gifts will end up being. I need some inspiration! Can't say who they're for (on here), because I think most of my fam reads this blog. 

I'm really really looking forward to being home for Christmas this year, here's a list of things I'm excited about (there are more, I'm sure...and these are in no particular order):
  • bundling up (and actually having a reason to)
  • Sausage wheels
  • apple cider
  • warming up by the fireplace
  • driving around the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights
  • seeing family and friends
  • talking with my sisters
  • playing games (catan? hand and foot?)
What are you most excited about for Christmas?

I thought I'd leave you tonight with this video on youtube...a variant on the 12 Days of Christmas, enjoy!


Wendi Cupp 18/12/08 9:34 AM  

Glad you get to be home for the holidays! And I LOVE that video!!

khunton 21/12/08 8:38 PM  

So excited for a preggo Christmas! I can't believe Mary road on a donkey in such a state!

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