Part of our Lifegroup after we wrapped and filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child on Friday night. We love our friends!

I'm really looking forward to this little break, spending time with my friend Rachel and her family on Thursday, then seeing my family on Friday and Saturday in New Orleans. This weekend is coming at a perfect time. Its been a crazy past few weeks with Andrew's job and my work trip, among other things. We are seeing God do great things around us. He's also definitely giving us opportunities to trust Him...and even more reasons to be thankful for who He is and for what He's done. Many of our friends and family have experienced loss this past year. I've been thinking about this holiday season in a different light because of that, and I'm reminded that even in so much pain, there is Hope, and He is faithful. I pray you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


the osbornes 25/11/08 2:28 PM  

Hi Virginia,
I saw your comment on our blog and just had to tell you that I stalk you too! :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Mandy Osborne

kath,  26/11/08 3:13 PM  

oooh...can you email me this pic?

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