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Haven't been taking many pics lately, which usually means there's no blog post. But...its almost been a month since I've posted anything! So, hello all blog friends. Sorry I've been absent. :)

Here's what's going on in our world lately:

  • I just got back from a conference for work. It was in Charleston, and I had a great time! Missed my hubby of course, and was very happy to come home, but it was a good conference and I learned a lot.
  • We're having an Operation Christmas Child party with our Lifegroup tonight. I love doing this every Christmas, and I look forward to teaching our son about loving God by serving others, especially at Christmas when our culture is so commercially-driven.
  • I'm officially 6 months pregnant! Time is really flying by so quickly. One thing I love: feeling baby move is so amazing. One thing I'm not loving so much: not being able to fit into any of my clothes! Its so hard to justify spending money on clothes I'll only wear a few more months.
  • We're excited about spending Thanksgiving with our friend Rachel, then traveling to New Orleans on Friday to watch Whitney in the Nutcracker. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family!

This weekend, Wycliffe is launching a billion dollar campaign to raise people, prayer, and money for the final remaining languages to be translated. This campaign, the Last Languages Campaign, focuses on the fact that there are more than 200 million people in the world, over 2200 language communities, that have no access to the Bible in a language that speaks to their heart. Its not written, its not translated in oral form, it is not available to them. Click the link above if you want to know more, especially about the details of the campaign, timeframes, and how you can get involved.


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