20 Weeks

Here's another picture for our avid readers (all 5 of you!). I've hit the halfway mark, and I'm getting so excited to see this little guy. I'm trying not to wish the days away because I know there is so much to do and I really want to enjoy this phase. Thanks for all the support and prayers for us as we get ready to become parents! This is such a fun time, full of unknowns and anticipation. 

Then, I took these Little Rock sunset pictures when I was home a few weeks ago for my high school reunion. I ended up not taking any pictures at the actual reunion, but I did really like these of Downtown from the river.  I had a great time that weekend, even though it was quick. It was wonderful to see family, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go to the reunion and see some long-time friends.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. 


Anonymous,  3/11/08 11:19 PM  

virginia. i've got goose bumps! i did not know you were pregnant. how fun. you look beautiful!!!
brooke robinson

khunton 5/11/08 2:28 PM  

Gosh, you are too cute! Love that bump! xoxo

Anonymous,  7/11/08 11:22 PM  

WOW...You have a baby bump! I love it! I can call you little preggers now! So, do you have a funny name for the little boy yet? Like bob or progeny or something...

Miss you tons.
Love you

Chris and Carrie 8/11/08 8:28 AM  

Such a sweet belly pic! I am so excited for you guys! We love ya.

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