7 Randoms

I have been tagged, so here goes!

1) Fall is my favorite season. I always thought Summer was my favorite season since that’s when my birthday is. Then I moved to the land of perpetual Summer and realized that (although I love warm weather) I L-O-V-E Fall leaves, pumpkin bread, and that smell…its just the smell of Fall.

2) My favorite dessert is homemade vanilla ice cream and warm hole-in-the-middle (chocolate) cake. Both family recipes. Mmm.

3) I love HSM, and have already bought tickets for HSM3. “Gotta getcha, getcha head in the game!”

4) I’ve never really liked peanut butter. I’ve actually just started eating it recently, and have probably eaten more peanut butter in the past 4 months than I did my whole childhood.

5) My grandpa made me a pair of stilts when I was elementary-school-age, and I walked all around my “block” in them all the time. I loved being tall.

6) In junior high, I was sent to detention hall for chewing gum in class. I was such a rebel!

7) I know lots of people like their “usual” at Starbucks, but I just feel stuck in a rut if I always order the same thing. I like to keep ‘em guessing. Except for lately, its been tall half caf whole milk pumpkin spice latte, no whip.

What about you? Do you have anything random to share today? :)


cindy lou-who 17/10/08 9:58 PM  

did you find out anything today???!!!

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