Last night we finally moved into our new apartment, after being in a temporary housing situation for over a month! We're so thankful to all our amazing friends that took care of us while we moved, finished school, started a new job (Andrew), etc, etc. This was our 4th move in 2 years!!!! Crazy! We're hoping this one sticks for a little while at least! So, here's a pic of our cute new place. We're excited about bringing Baby home to their first home here. Its is an apartment, but as you can see, we're on the first floor with no one above us. You'll have to come by so I can give you the tour!

3rd Home in FL - 3rd time's a charm?
My sweet co-worker, Jeanette, brought me this precious baby gift on Tuesday! Its a frame for the ultrasound picture, which we have scheduled for next week. Hard to believe I'm almost halfway to the finish line (well, starting line....!).

Then, last weekend, Andrew took me to this great little French pastry shop in downtown Winter Park. I got an almond crossant, and let me tell you...it was amazing! Look at this thing!.

Seriously, divine.

Here's the shop, go there. So yummy.

So, that's been my week. I hope you're all doing well! Have a great weekend!


Katie 9/10/08 1:27 PM  

Congrats on moving! Yea! I know you feel relieved.

The Keylors 10/10/08 6:32 PM  

Your new place is so cute! Congratulations!

Kat 10/10/08 9:04 PM  

Awh that is so fun! I don't know if I have told you this or not already but I am so happy for you all! I love following along with your updates! Congratulations on the house!

Elise 11/10/08 8:51 PM  

I love the new place. Very nice!! It doesn't look like an apartment at all.

Anonymous,  15/10/08 1:46 PM  

Congrats on your new apt. It's CUTE!!!! By the way I tagged you Virginia.

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