Our Boy!!

We had our big ultrasound yesterday. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was so excited to see our baby! We found out quickly that HE is a BOY!!!, then watched for the next hour and half as the tech measured organs and checked to see how everything is going. 

I've seen friends ultrasound pics before, but seriously, I was in awe of that little baby on the screen. He's only about 6 inches long, and weighs 9 ounces, and I barely look pregnant...but there he was...looking like a perfect baby. I'm so excited to be able to say "he" instead of "it"! 

So here's a picture of our son. Andrew posted more on facebook if you want to see. In this one, you can see the top of his head on the right side, with the dark spots being his eyes. The line on the top right is his arm up next to his face. The whole time we watched him, all I could say was, "Wow. This is so amazing. What a miracle."

So, he's right on track, everything is growing and blood is pumping. Like I said, I'm in awe. I'm a proud soon-to-be mommy.


Christy 18/10/08 1:19 PM  

So very excited for you guys!

Ray,  18/10/08 4:58 PM  

Wow! Congrats yall! We will be praying for your baby boy!

Linds 18/10/08 5:12 PM  

Awww! He is so precious! We can't wait to find out what we're having!!!

Candy Johnson 18/10/08 8:18 PM  

YEAH! Welcome to the Baby Boy club! It is wonderful, and when you have him in your arms for the first time, you'll just be in awe! My mom advice to you...always point the pee pee down when changing that diaper :) I've had to learn that the hard (and wet) way! Congrats!!!

Katie 18/10/08 9:26 PM  

YEA!!! I am so happy for you!!

The Keylors 19/10/08 8:19 PM  

I am so glad to finally know!!! I can remember the awe of seeing her moving around. It made it so much more real to me. God is amazing!

The Walkers 19/10/08 10:16 PM  

Hi Virginia! I was randomly looking at blogs and came upon yours. I'm so excited to hear of your great news. Congrats! Being mom is such a blessing. We just had a baby girl on September 8th.

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