Life right now.

I've been wanting to write more about pregnancy/baby stuff and everything else going on in our lives right now, but didn't think being sick and throwing up are much fun to talk about. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow! I feel like I've been able to enjoy the first phase of pregnancy, even with its woes, but I have to say I'm looking forward to not being sick anymore. Hopefully?!?! I know some women are sick their whole pregnancy...I'm just being optimistic that this phase will pass soon.

I was thinking I was starting to feel better, over the weekend I was feeling pretty well. Then...it all went downhill! Agh! The thing is, I just can't get a handle for what triggers it! There are no patterns so far. Well, I know a few things that trigger it...but I won't bore you with details (unless you're just dying to know!).

Here's some of what's on the plate for us the next week or so:
-Andrew finishing major portfolio project, final papers, then FINISHING SCHOOL!
-Moving...probably still a temporary move, but at least we can get out of our current place.
-Dr appointment tomorrow - Yay!
-Going through FPU again, this time with more friends from church. We're excited about revisiting some things we didn't get a chance to put into place last time around.
-Andrew will be working more with ADE.

I've started researching some baby gear. We're going to have a baby in our lives in six months...that is so soon! Any "must haves" out there?


Hillary 10/9/08 2:43 PM  

WHAT?!?! I've been so behind on blogs lately and just learned you are pregnant! YEA!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!! Congrats!! Are you going to be at the reunion next month?

Mikel and Lynn 10/9/08 7:12 PM  

You must get a ring sling! They are so handy to have. You can carry baby and have a hand free. I got mine when Dunning was about 5 months old and I wish I would have had it the entire time. You can even nurse in them!

Katie 11/9/08 6:22 PM  

Virginia, I'm sorry you have been sick! Wowsers. No fun. I took Bendectin my entire pregnancy, and it's my miracle drug!

Feel free to email me to ask about must haves...you have to get toy "links"! They are the best thing ever!

khunton 11/9/08 8:14 PM  

Thanks for your comment on the blog! Sorry you have been sicky! I had a barf moment today (@ almost 18 wks) so it does get better, but hasn't completely gone away for me! I do have a list of must haves...but that is for another email another time. You guys sound busy! Baby Steger will be here before we know it!

Harris Family 12/9/08 5:46 PM  

I got your message on facebook and I have started a new job that requires me to leave at 6:30 in the morning, so computer time has been cut out of my life! As you know, these days I am always tired and there are not enough hours in the day for all sleep I want!!! I am so sorry you are still sick. Believe me, I feel your pain. I was sick for at least 6 weeks. Never threw up, but I felt sick 24 hours a day!!! Quesy Drops were given to me as a gift and they seemed to help me. You might give them a whirl?!?! You also have to figure out what makes you tick. I am finally getting a handle on it and realizing I have to eat about every 2 hours! I want to know the "must haves" you find out! How fun we are pregnant together! I pray for you every day already...I have a list of mommies-to-be. I will start praying for you to feel better!

Anonymous,  13/9/08 6:11 PM  

Pictures of that growing belly...we need pictures of that growing belly.


Heidi 14/9/08 7:34 PM  

hey girl...I'm not one that you want to talk to about sickies...I was VERY sick with both babes for 6 mo (but we're talking so sick I had to be on medicine because of weight loss) aside from the medicine, I found that tart things helped like lemon drops and things like that.

As for must haves:
bouncy seat gets used in our house all day long! Also, a sling of some kind is nice. I have really enjoyed the moby wrap and you can use them several different ways as the baby grows and it's the most comfortable one I've found as far as strain on your shoulders/back

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