Vacation-Part 3

It's Friday and the last full day at the Lake House. It's been an amazingly fun week. Tuesday and Wednesday we spent a good bit of time on the lake. My family has never been much of a lake family, we've always been more beach people, but I think we're being converted. We've been cruising around the lake, swimming, and tubing.

On Tuesday Elizabeth, VA, and I were tubing and got thrown off. I got a knee or elbow in the face and received a nice little gash just above my eyebrow.

We've been having issues with the two waverunners all week. Yesterday we finally were able to get one of them started which was a blast. I got to take everyone out for a little bit.

Yesterday was also Virginia's birthday which was a lot of fun. My mom made french toast for breakfast. Virginia and I went to this really cool local bakery cafe for lunch then walked around the Ritz-Carlton which is just down the road from our lake house.

All of the girls got pedicures yesterday then we went to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom, which is always delicious. I got V an ipod touch for her birthday which she hasn't put down yet.

Afterwards the whole family walked around the Ritz again and then came back for cake (huge!) and ice cream.

Virginia said it was a great birthday and we had a blast. Now out to do some more waverunning!


Rachel 27/6/08 9:27 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, V! Let's definitely do some late celebrating when we all get back in town. Thanks for the blogging guys, I've been living vicariously through you this week while looking forward to my vaca next week =).

Dustin Moody 27/6/08 11:52 AM  

Glad you guys are having such a good time, and Happy Birthday, Virginia! Enjoy that new iPod touch...It's been great keeping up with you while you've been away. Let's get together when you get back--I'm housesitting for the Friezes next week, so I'll be around!

Amanda 27/6/08 2:41 PM  

Virginia, you are beautiful! I think that cake pic should be your new profile pic ;) I can't believe you got a touch! Amanda is envious!

cindy lou-who 28/6/08 3:21 PM  

yea, happy birthday, friend! that looked like a perfect day in my book! you look tanfully happy. :-) what is an ipod touch? i'm out of the loop! guess i'll have to google it. glad y'all are having such a great time! we can't wait for our vaca in 4 weeks!

Christy 30/6/08 2:47 PM  

Love hearing about your time on vacation! Miss you both terribly! Come see me. :-) HUGS!


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