Winter Park Farmers Market

One of our favorite things to do in Orlando is to go up to Winter Park on a Saturday morning and visit the Farmer's Market. The weather this morning was beautiful, sunny, about 65 degrees...a perfect day. Andrew shopped for dinner tonight (he's cooking dinner for our Lifegroup party), and I enjoyed engaging my senses. Smell of garlic, citrus (in season here), and kettle corn. Feeling the sunshine, and the slight chill in the air. Tasting the coffee (from Starbucks down the street!). Seeing all the bright colors of the fruits and vegetables. Hearing all the fun sounds, the train going by, the kids laughing, the dogs barking. It was a great morning. Oh, and the pics are from my camera phone...


Christy Hutchins,  11/11/07 1:52 PM  

Sounds like a beautiful, wonderful morning! What fun.

Hillary 24/11/07 8:00 AM  

V-I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed...I just left a comment on your 11-7-07 comment instead of this one. Oops!

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