The Man Behind the Curtain

Okay, so this blog is turning very Lost-centric, but we can't help it. this season has been so good and there are 3 episodes left. First off I'm sure many of you have heard about the new deal between lost execs and ABC scheduling Lost to end after 3 16 episode seasons which is great. It's like waiting for the next Harry Potter Book knowing there are going to be seven.

I'm so excited about this week's episode!! Mainly because the flashbacks are about your favorite Bug Eyed Creep and mine, Ben. So we're pretty much going to find out a whole lot of stuff! Next week's episode is a Charlie episode, and the two hour season finale is a Jack episode. Both of which I'm really excited about.

Jeff Jenson, TV writer for Entertainment Weekly and Lost Psycho Fan interviewed Cuse and Lindelof about the deal as well as some teasers (not spoilers) for the rest of this season. So here you go!. Looking forward to seeing you crazy arkansans soon. Godspeed.


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