Merry, merry Christmas

There really is no place like home. Our friend Esther often asks, "What is home?" Is it the idea? The place? The family? Friends? This year we are spending Christmas day with Andrew's family, visiting Andrew's brother and sisterinlaw in North Carolina. And, we got to see my Mom and Dad last week when they visited us in Orlando. I can think of many dear friends that we are missing this Christmas, but Oh, God is so good to fill our hearts with good memories, and the hope that we will see you all again.
To our family and friends, you are near to our hearts always. We love you and miss you and pray that you experience His faithfulness to you this yeu.
To our new friends in Florida, we praise the Lord for you and for the ways you have blessed us over the past 6 months. Thank you for all the ways you have served us, crazy people from Arkansas.
Merry Christmas. Love.


whitney 26/12/06 3:53 PM  

i'm sad i didnt get to see y'all for christmas

Shelli 26/12/06 5:31 PM  

You two look so comfy and cozy.

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