Is today Monday?

We are safely back in Orlando, after a 10(ish) hour drive from Chapel Hill, down I95. While Andrew and Barry traded off shifts at the steering wheel, Elizabeth, Jeannie, and I passed the time by watching 6 episodes of Gray's Anatomy (season 2), and a whole movie...Inside Man.

We received a mailbox full of fun Christmas greetings when we got back last night. I have definitely been behind on the Christmas-card-thing. I had full intentions of getting a card out this year...maybe it can be a "New Year's Card"...I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see! I am recovering from a cold, but I'm happy to be back at work catching up on some things here before I take more days off next week. Can't believe 2006 is over!


EY 27/12/06 8:59 PM  

hey...it's not over yet....we still have 4 days!! savor each day!! haha... merry christmas and happy new year to you guys...i should be down your way sometime soon for business...i'll be in touch. hugs.

khunton 30/12/06 8:39 AM  

so great you are actually excited to be back at work! hope you have a wonderful New Years - we are parting in style with A$ - I'm sure it will strike midnight sometime between a feeding and a diaper change and I won't even know the differnce

All Sides of 6/1/07 8:54 AM  

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