Are you going to Urbana 2006?

I know that many people from the UofA and NWA area churches organize groups to go to Urbana. I am not going, but I have always heard incredible things about this conference. Since I now work for the Wycliffe Foundation, which is an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators, I receive a prayer request in my inbox every morning. Here was the one for today, written by one of our Wycliffe Prayer Staff members (not by me)...

"Urbana 06 is InterVarsity's twenty-first student missions convention. From December 27-31, 2006, 25,000 students from all around North America will gather in St. Louis, Missouri, to attend this event. Urbana, held every three years, encourages students to be involved in missions for God's Kingdom. Partnering together on this project, Wycliffe, Pioneer Bible Translators, Lutheran Bible Translators and Aramaic Bible Translators are sending a team to present an interactive Bible translation booth.


-Pray for safety of the team setting up the booth next week (December 26). Computers will be available to students visiting the exhibit. Pray that the technical setup and operation of the computers will go well. Urbana is a high energy venue and being well physically is important!

-Pray for stamina and good health now and during the packed schedule ahead.

-Pray for unity within the cross-organizational team as they work to connect well with students and encourage many into involvement with Bible translation. Pray that the students will sense God’s calling on their lives, whatever that calling may be.

-There will be about 200-300 other mission agencies and schools there. Pray that for good contacts with other agencies with a view toward partnering."

If you are going, keep a look-out for this presentation! And, if you are not going, please pray for this conference and about what God is doing (and will do!) around the world through the people that attend Urbana.


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