Ma vie en rose...

Lots of things have happened around the Cato/Steger house this week. The bottom line is most definitely, "Who are you going to trust?" I was reading Oswald Chambers again this week...the readings centered around the theme of God's sovereignty in the events and circumstances in our lives, as Believers. It has been good to wrestle...and rest...in that this week. This "wrestling" has looked a lot more like typical moodiness on my part...but I know there's something bigger going on...just not sure how to verbalize it all.

I was going to post another picture today, but its another one of Andrew and I...and it is kindof like most of the other pictures I post of us...so I am going to wait until I have another more fun picture to show. My friend Nicole has been asking me to send her pictures of our apartment...I need to get around to putting some more of those on here. The one Andrew photoshopped last week is (of course) of our Living Room/Kitchen. And yes, Shelli, that is our beloved Razorback Red couch. (Miss you, by the way!)

Speaking of Razorbacks, we'll be watching EsPN GameDay on Saturday, so if you see a video camera, WAVE! We'll be watching you! Go Hogs! Lets all cross our fingers that they end up playing in the Citrus Bowl on January 1. How awesome would that be?! You're all invited to stay with us (but you'll have to fight Cindy and Jason for the guest room!!!)...

A very quick rundown of things that have been going on:
-Andrew's birthday party with our LifeGroup at O Boy's BBQ last Thursday night.
-Scott & Christina visited us all weekend. We went to Disney & watched the Razorback game...it was so fun to see family.
-LOST Party last night...very interesting episode.
-Our friends, the Huntons, welcomed a new member to their family...Adler Ryan was born last Sunday night...you can see pictures here...what a sweetie!


Chrissy 9/11/06 10:20 PM  


I have been working right next to a Volunteer all week. The trash talking has been taking place for quite a while. We cannot help ourselves. That and we are working down in New Orleans, so we have all those dang LSU fans. Not to mention they are crazy-weird talking cajuns so are also talking smack about our beloved hogs. We will see....we will play it on the field.

Love you both

Christy Hutchins 10/11/06 7:24 AM  

Hey Virg,

I miss you tons! I'm enjoying reading your posts and seeing your pictures! I haven't seen you all in so long and I miss you both terribly.

We, too, are ready for the game on Saturday! Can't wait can't wait can't wait! GO HOGS. Last week Olivia wore her little Razorback Cheerleader outfit! She may have been born in Texas, but we are raising her as a Razorback. hehe
Love you lots!

Stevo 13/11/06 9:13 AM  

What a game! We are the real deal this year...my next door neighbor is a VOLS fan, so haven't rubbed it in yet.

We had a couple friend (married couple that's our friend) bring us dinner last night...he's a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) VOLS fan, so it was fun to see him :) he was just like "you guys are just really good, there's no stopping McFadden"...I just had to nod my head and agree. We hold it in our hands!

And no offense to the Citrus Bowl, but I want to play on Jan. 4th! hey, it could happen!

Andrew 13/11/06 9:21 AM  

I agree, it would be fun to see the Hogs in ORL but I'm thinking BCS bowl. Wooo Pig!!! And Atlanta ain't that far away so SEC Championship, hopefully, here we come. Oh Baby!!

Shelli 16/11/06 10:36 AM  

Ok...so listen...Justin and I are SO not hog fans, but I must admit. We've called the hogs quite a few times this year.


Don't know what the next 2 years will be like though. Supposedly, they have a contract to play OU for 2 seasons. Yikers! Where oh where will our loyalty be? Most likely...OU. Just can't give up on my Sooners.

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