Big Day

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, Dear ANDREW!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!

Last night we were talking about some of the big events this past year. Concerts we went to, big decisions that were made, our move to Florida, and so many other memorable events of this past year. Sometimes birthdays feel more like New Years because of how we think about getting older. Who was I last year? Who do I want to be? This year has probably been the most important year of my life, and it was about this time last year that we made the decision to seriously consider our move to Florida. And now, here we are. Wow.

Andrew, I could not be on this journey without you. I am proud of you, and so unbelievablely thankful for you, my Teammate, my Best Friend.


rob 1/11/06 3:47 PM  

happy birthday!

Patricia 1/11/06 11:09 PM  

Happy Belated Birthday. It's not too late though. It's only 12:06 am on the 2nd!

jlo 6/11/06 9:45 PM  

We can't wait to see you all in January. The tickets are bought and we are really looking forward to the visit.

Stevo 7/11/06 5:40 PM  

get a room.

j/k. ya'll Rock! Andrew, I love you.

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