and so say all of us.

Here's an assignment I did in Photoshop today. It's not completely done yet, but you get the gist of it.


Munchkin,  31/10/06 11:38 PM  

You're Awesome! I love you!

Christy Hutchins 1/11/06 9:31 AM  

Drewski that is so awesome! I miss you tons!

Patricia 1/11/06 11:09 PM  

That's awesome. Maybe you can teach me the fine art of photoshop. I'm not a pro at it.

EY 2/11/06 7:48 AM  

haha...at first i thought maybe you photoshopped "grovers" in watching a razorback game...but this is also funny. ;)

Shelli 3/11/06 5:41 PM  

I know that chair...and I know that couch.

Stevo 7/11/06 5:42 PM  

sweet PhotoShop action...this many Andrews would be too much creativitiy in one room.

whitney 11/11/06 3:19 PM  

that is so cool. little andrew clones.

whitney 11/11/06 3:20 PM  

little andre clones. that is so cool

Ray & Katie 17/11/06 12:07 PM  

That is Fantastic! Are you watching a hog game I assume?

You rock at PhotoShop!

kath,  20/11/06 7:59 PM  

Awesome photo...!!!

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