I am thankful.

This is the short list...there are oh so many more things I am thankful for. Just wanted to list the first few things that pop in my head tonight.

For my family and friends.
For good health.
For a stable job.
For Andrew, and that he is doing something he loves.
For hope...that I don't have to have it all figured out right now.
For forgiveness.


Anonymous,  24/11/06 5:37 PM  

I'm thankful for YOU!

Stevo 26/11/06 8:17 PM  

Hope you guys found tix to the game on SAT! Go Hogs!

jlo 26/11/06 9:11 PM  

Cindy and I are thankful for our friends the Stegers. Can't wait to visit in January.

Do you realize that if the Hogs loose (frown), they will likely play in Orlando (smile). I don't want them to loose, but if they do, we migh get to go to the bowl game. If not, do you think it would be worth going to the ESPN cafe to watch it?

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