Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I have some new designs up on my t-shirt site including The Freewheelin 80's shirt.

And if you have any ideas of something you would want on a t-shirt, let me know and I'll make it. Also I'm in the process of designing some Christmas Cards if anyone is interested. I'm posting a test design.


cindy lou-who 29/9/06 5:04 PM  

those are awesome, drew! love the santa old main combo. :-) ho ho ho-gs! i just made that up. could you make that into a tee? i mean, a card? i've alwasy wanted a tee that said, 'the good doctor's wife'. ha ha, jk. how about 'la huerta or bust.'? i think va needs one that says 'tricksy.' (add 'hobbitses' if needed) ok, those are my 2 cents. love seeing your latest designs!!!

Jason 30/9/06 11:04 AM  

always remember the free wheelin 80's.. I might have to order that one. sweet.

Patricia 1/10/06 10:53 PM  

awesome designs!

Ray 13/10/06 11:38 AM  

HEY! I just dropped by to say hello! Katie and I have a blog: http://www.rayandkatie.com!

I've got to get back to work. I'll link to yall! Good to see you!

Elise 24/10/06 9:21 PM  

Andrew, I love the Old Main one. It seems like it would sell very well. Great job.

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