My Utmost

One of my favorite things to read in the mornings is Oswald Chambers' daily devotion, My Utmost for His Highest. It is very deep and theological, but amazingly applicable to today's life. In the middle of all that is going on, it is always something that God uses to bring me back to the basics of who He is and who I am. If you get a chance, take a minute to read today's entry...here's a link:

October 2

I can honestly say I'm in a valley right now...but God is so real in the middle of it. There is hope. And wrestling with my emotions. And feeling out-of-control. And...hope.


cindy lou-who 2/10/06 10:03 AM  

wow. that is aweosme. thank you for posting that, v. i needed to read that today. reminds me of ute trail days. i think that excerpt of 'utmost' was actually one of our talks for when we were on the peak. can't WAIT to see you in 4 wee days!!! there will be much to talk about.

EY 6/10/06 8:42 AM  

hey va....hang in there...life has been in the pits for me too...but what i found out the other night...when you've reached rock bottom...there is no where to go but up. it's those extremely deep valleys we have to go into and experience to understand how exhilirating the top of the mntn will be. miss you guys.

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