He Clothes the Lillies.

Well, it's been a while since I posted, so first I would like to say.."my apologies." It's a monday afternoon in the still hot city of Orlando. We hit record lows the other night for this time of year, 67 degrees. I know, get out your parkas! This is the beginning of week one of my two week break between quarters. I survived my first section of classes and enjoyed almost all of them, except for macroeconomics. It didn't help that we had a final and a group project due on the last day and my "group" thought I could handle it mostly on my own. C'est la vie.

So here I am trying to come to grips with God right now. Things have been up and down for me lately. School's been good and I'm actually really starting to enjoy my job, but things have been tighter financially than we hoped they would be. So my project these next two weeks is to find a second job. It just feels really daunting. I've done retail and foodservice for the past ten years, I just don't know that I want to do it again. But I'm also going to school, and there aren't really that many other part time jobs that would fit my schedule. If nothing else it has opened up a lot more dialogue between me and God. We've been doing a series on Romans at H2O the past few weeks and it has really been challenging and encouraging. When I stop to think about God's true heart for us, His people, I am overwhelmed, excited, and scared. I don't know what the answers are for the situation. But I'm wrestling with God in grief, fear, love, anger, sorrow, and hope. And I trust that He is going to provide, I'm just not quite sure how yet.


Stevo 28/9/06 3:27 PM  

hang in there bro...God will provide, as he always does in some way or another. We're proud of you both for making the move to Orlando and know that God will honor your faith in Him through this process.

You da man.

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