O-Town Blog Fiesta

Blog Party tonight at High Tide Harry’s. Looks like Jerry beat me to the blogging... What a great time we had, meeting new people…makes me glad I’m a blogger. (ahwww!!!!) Thanks, Grant and Amy, for getting us all together!

Jerry and Cathy verbalized some of the feelings I’ve been going through lately…and although their transition has been much more extreme (from Hungary to Orlando), I think we’re both going through some of the same “culture-shock-type-feelings”….it was refreshing to hear them out loud. We’ve been in Orlando for 3 months…and I’m in this “funk” that tells me that Orlando should feel more like home. Well, it doesn’t feel like home, even though everything tells me that it should. We have friends, we’re moved in, we have our grocery store, we have jobs and schedules. What’s missing? Ah yes. Time. That feeling you get when you walk into church and you recognize faces and they recognize you (thanks Catbird). We'll get there.

Tonight was definitely fun! Pictures will be posted, so check back. It was so great to meet other Orlando bloggers! (Oh, and I mentioned everyone else, except Paul... now everyone has a link, sorry for my uncreative incorporation of your link...its late...!).

Rob and Patricia, we missed you guys! Hope you're having a fun vacation in Vancouver.


rob 6/9/06 1:10 AM  

Man I'm bummed we missed the gathering! We should try it again some other time!

Grant 6/9/06 9:04 AM  

ahhhh....we missed you at Jeremiah's!!!! thanks for the tip though - it was awesome and what a great night....

next week? every week? hahaha

Patricia 10/9/06 12:37 PM  

Totally bummed we weren't there!

Elise 10/9/06 9:30 PM  

Isn't it strange how a place becomes home (or doesn't)? You can't wish it to be no matter how hard you try. One day, Lord willing, you will wake up and Orlando will be home, but in the mean time there's not much you can do beyond what you have already done to get to that point.
Our home here isn't the same without you and Andrew. We miss you and the comfortable-ness of your friendship. That's a big part of what home is to me. . .feeling really comfortable with somebody.
I pray that God would give us the blessing of having our paths cross again in significant ways. God speed.

Virginia 10/9/06 9:47 PM  

Thanks, Elise. I agree wholeheartedly. Your family is in our thoughts often!


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