Here's looking at you

Alright, I'd thought I'd post my latest drawing I'm working on for my Drawing and Design class. I'm absolutely loving this class!


Munchkin,  24/8/06 10:51 AM  

Wow! That's amazing! I wish you were here in Fayetteville to help me in my studio art class.

Brett 24/8/06 2:19 PM  

Thom? Very nice...

Patricia 24/8/06 10:45 PM  

Awesome! How did you do this? is it part photograp?

Andrew 25/8/06 7:14 AM  

yeah, we had to bring a picture to class. he cut it in half then we had to draw the other side.

shauna 25/8/06 4:00 PM  

hey, that's great stuff! i love observing other people's art b/c i notice people have their own way of using a pencil, their own way of seeing and interpreting what they see. good stuff.

Shelli 25/8/06 5:49 PM  

Is that the guy from Radiohead?

Grant 29/8/06 2:12 PM  

very nice...

btw - we're coming to orlanda and having a blog party!!!

check out my blog and rsvp - we want to see you two!

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