Ode to Lafe

You master of bourbon
and griller of meat
With no drinks or eight
you're still light on your feet.
you banter with cander
and saunter with wit
cause kentucky men know
without a story you ain't s#@!.
You live in life's bounty
and have plenty to share
and your heart is fast giving
all the joy you can spare
and when your life sucks
you're has honest as abe
cuz if that moron don't wise up
he'll be dead in his grave
So raise up your glasses
with bourban so sweet
three cheers, Hup! for Lafe
May he never retreat!


Lafe 22/8/06 11:42 PM  

I thank you...I am touched...Especially that you could work in a cuss word...oh yeah, you want some of my Sprite?

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