Protein Spill

Hey all. I had my Traditions class at Disney University this past Sunday. It was pretty interesting. We learned the history of The Disney Co. from the birth of Uncle Walt to the present acquisition of Pixar. And just so you know, Walt Disney was not cryogenically frozen, he was cremated. So as of saturday I can get into any of the parks for free. Plus a few extra perks for those who are going to come visit us! wink wink. I have my DAKlimation this saturday. DAK is Disneyese for Disney's Animal Kingdom. And just so you know Protein Spill is code for vomit.

Tonight, Virg, Elizabeth, and I went to High Tide Harry's, a local seafood hangout a block away. It was smackalicious! I had the Blackened Grouper sandwich. Elizabeth had the Mahi Mahi, and Virginia the Salmon. They also serve it with hush puppies with cinnamon butter. Monday & Tuesday= 99 cent drafts. So once again this is a plug for you to come visit. Oh and there's a beach near by, and 7 malls plus 2 outlets, Van's skate shop, Whole Foods Market, Ron Jon's Surf Shop, Winter Park, theme parks galore, and most importantly us!! We miss you guys.


jlo 1/8/06 12:07 AM  

Wow, sounds like you guys are having a good time. Cindy and I will have to watch the air fare market for cheap tickets. Let us know if you see any and we will see what we can do. Miss you guys.

Jaime 1/8/06 8:14 AM  

keep on having fun in that beautiful orlando sun. thinking of you today.

IND 1/8/06 9:29 PM  

I miss you guys like a fat kid misses cake. I also miss strong UV rays and tourist traps. Can I come and play?

M. Harper,  2/8/06 8:15 AM  

Is that clean shaven face so you can get the full effects of the sun, Andrew? Really sounds like a delicioso place. Thinking or you and praying about how to visit. I don't miss moving your stuff down those stairs, though. Praying for you both...

Elise 3/8/06 8:07 AM  

We miss you both so much!

*g* 3/8/06 8:21 AM  


your friend Ramon from little rock days...

i saw him in tibet. weird.

hope you guys are swell!

Shelli 4/8/06 3:26 PM  

I've got "My Fare Watcher" set up on travelocity. And...Orlando from Tulsa and Orlando from XNA are my top two items to "watch". Keeping our fingers crossed that the price will go down!!!!

EY 6/8/06 1:41 PM  

uhm. looking into renting a car to come up to see you next wednesday while i'm in ft. lauderdale...i'll be in touch. if not....thanksgiving??? hopefully i'll see you soon!!!

Stevo 7/8/06 2:25 PM  

I thought "protein spill" was when a Jamba Juice employee dropped the protein booster? Your's is much tastier.

We miss you two...we need to meet up soon!

Anonymous,  8/8/06 10:12 AM  

Sooo....I am a giant schmuck and haven't posted!

Miss you guys, I am so glad to hear all the wonderful things going on in stegerland! I am jealous of all the fun and interesting classes you are taking Andrew. Virg...you are hot in your work photo.

Okay, so it sounds like I need to take a trip.

Loving you and praying for you.

Chrissy,  8/8/06 10:13 AM  

Chrissy said...

She loves you!

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