Lightning Alley

So, Central Florida has the most lightning strikes per year in the US. According to the local news, Orlando has around 80 days of lightning each year. Today there was a big (I mean HUGE) thunderstorm that blew through town right as I was going home from work. Lightning was flashing all around me, and I seriously think I saw lightning hit the lake that I drove by during my afternoon commute. Its nutso!

By the way, I've been trying to update my Flickr page more often, so even if you don't see a new blog entry, there may be a new entry on Flickr. Just click the badge to the right, and enjoy the random captions. Thanks Stevo for your comments, they made me laugh.

I think the rumors about the Fountain of Youth being in FL are true. I just found out the ages of a few of my new acquaintances, and they are both significantly older than I thought they were. Like, I would have guessed 23-24, and I found out that they're over 30. If I figure out a way to bottle this, I'll let you know.

Enough random night-time ramblings for me.



Stevo 31/7/06 10:19 AM  

If you find out how to bottle it...I'll take a 12 pack.

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