The Pantomime Queen of England

I am currently in my Intro to Computer systems class. Today we are learning how to send an email with an attachment! I know! All kidding aside school has been a blast. I have completed 2 weeks and have 10 to go this quarter. I'm taking Intro to Audio, Drawing and Design, Macroeconomics, and Intro to Computer systems. Intro to Audio and Drawing and Design have been really fun. We're learning ProTools in Audio and I'm drawing like a banshee in Drawing class. Classes are typically 5 hours long, but the fun classes fly by. I've already had to draw 10 eyes, ears, noses and a self-portrait for homework as well as a bunch more stuff in class. Virginia says I'm already starting to improve after 2 weeks. It's really been an answer to prayer that I'm enjoying school so much.

Also, I got a job...at Disney...as the Kilamanjaro Safari tour guide at Animal Kingdom! I know, that's a resume builder and a half. I'm actually really excited. I'll work 2 days a week, plus get a year pass to all the parks for me and V plus mucho discounts all over Orlando. It'll be a fun experience, so now you all have to come visit and take the tour!


Nelson 21/7/06 4:07 PM  

BULL!!! That's so awesome that you're the freaking tour guide!!! I'm super jealous...

Patricia 22/7/06 2:47 AM  

Awesome you're working for Disney! Rob and I will take a free pass if you don't have anyone to give them too! How fun!

anje 22/7/06 9:23 AM  

i saw something on TV about the safari bus and it looks very cool. They let you drive it???

jlo 24/7/06 6:11 PM  

Hopefully Cindy and I will be able to make it out there this fall. We have always wanted to go on a Safari with you driving!!

Shelli 25/7/06 11:38 AM  

Crap...thats AWESOME!

Heidi 26/7/06 2:17 PM  

How FUN! I still think Virginia should try to get on as one of the Princesses! :-)

Stevo 31/7/06 10:24 AM  

Dude, I'll let you show me the way though the safari any day! Do you have a sweet rockin safari hat too? K and I want to see you two soon.

As for computer class, that's awesome about the email attachment..I'm glad you learned this..whenever they teach you how to include a "signature" let me know, cause I'm dyin to learn :)

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